Hi, my name is Alexandra, but I prefer Alex. I am a struggling writer, which means that I enjoy writing and I have great ideas, I just don't know where to start. Apart from writing I enjoy baking. This passion came from my equally passionate urge to eat anything in sight.

I found this amazing website while searching for a dairy free tiramisu recipe to make for my wonderful father. He's lactose and tolerant, poor thing, but like me he enjoys eating.

Usually when I bake I have to find recipes that fit to his needs and that sometimes means sacrificing taste or desserts that I previously wanted to make. But finally, I said, "NO MORE!!" He WILL get delicous desserts that he can eat. (He really does deserve them). I just hope that they turn out well.

Now I know that I might possibly be imitating the whole Julie and Julia idea, but HELL it's a damn good idea! So, I will continue to search for amazing recipes, serve amazing food to my father, and HOPEFULLY post amazing blog entries, people actually want to read...

Now, unlike Julie and Julia I do not have a time limit, (Which would actually be a good idea). My first challenge will be to make my dad a tiramisu. With tofu, no less. Oh well, wish me luck!

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