Ingredients Edit

Coconut MilkEdit

Coconut milk is available tinned (and also in long life cartons) and is an excellent alternative to cows' milk for most cooked dishes provided you like its quite strong coconut flavour. It is also avalable as the thicker coconut cream.

  • 1 cup milk = 1 cup coconut milk (or thin with water if you find it too thick)

Nut Milk (Almond) Edit

More suited for desserts.

  • 1 cup milk = 1 cup nut milk

Oat MilkEdit

Available long-life; slightly porridge-like flavour but not unpleasant. Excellent for cereals and savoury dishes, but quite strongly flavoured for desserts.

  • 1 cup milk = 1 cup oat milk

Rice Milk Edit

Easily available long-life; thinner and sweeter than cows' milk. Excellent for desserts, sweet drinks, etc, but not as good in savoury dishes.

  • 1 cup milk = 1 cup rice milk (try adding 2-3 tablespoons of extra oil to help offset the water consistency in the dough)

Soy Milk Edit

Tends to brown the baked goods more quickly

  • 1 cup milk = 1 cup soy milk

Directions Edit

  1. Milk is one of the easiest ingredients to substitute in recipes, however, substitution of another ingredient for milk may cause changes in browning or coloration.
  2. Adjustment of amount of substitute used may vary depending on thickness of liquid.
  3. Thinner consistency liquids may need to be reduced and thicker ones increased.